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Case Study - Mycyberhosting

Developed web hosting service provider website using wordpress, custom theme development and customised woocommerce solution for products listing. complete ecommerce setup for hosting provider.



The Software Scenario:
Listing hosting server packages over system where user can purchase hosting services, but having thousands of variable combination with the features of server products. According to server variable combinations pricing gets finalized also Europian countries applied VAT, no Europian countries no-VAT. Made custom changes into the system for making adaptable for variable products in woocommerce.
Solution Required:
After all Analysis we found solution in woocommerce, where multiple variables can be managed with cross combinations, One section in woocommerce we set all parameters in once, then use those parameters in the variable products of woocommerce.

Final results

After all efforts in the system we got perfect system results, where our mycyberhosting client can manage all the products dynamically.